November 29, 2010

Play Time With Records

(No records were harmed in the making of these photos)
Recordings don't get much better than by way of a classic vinyl ,especially when you consider the audibly natural grain of music that commonly gets flushed out in modern media. Although, I think the main reason why I love to listen to and collect old albums so much is because of the time warp factor. They make me feel closer than ever to a period (the American counter culture ,of course) in music that I wish I had witnessed first hand, along with the social movements of the time. 

On the material side (OH bad pun) this is what I try to wear when I'm hanging around at my house relaxing, but to be honest nothing beats a good pair of dare I say... SWEATPANTS! Yes, I truly love them dearly for their functionality and comfort, but grudgingly agree that most are hideous, sloppy, and even tacky if you consider the Juicy Couture track suit epidemic of the early millennium (seriously, middle aged women should not walk around with the suggestive word "Juicy" stamped across their asses, scratch that no one should). BUT we can all thank the genius Alexander Wang for somehow making the dreaded lounge-wear chic and sophisticated for the first time EVER! 

Robe/Kimono and necklace: Vintage
Over-the-knee socks: Target
Tunic: Urban Outfitters


Annushka said...

Your post is lovely dear!!!))) I like it!!!

FancyTreehouse said...

So cute!

3ate4 said...

Loving the socks!