November 29, 2010

Play Time With Records

(No records were harmed in the making of these photos)
Recordings don't get much better than by way of a classic vinyl ,especially when you consider the audibly natural grain of music that commonly gets flushed out in modern media. Although, I think the main reason why I love to listen to and collect old albums so much is because of the time warp factor. They make me feel closer than ever to a period (the American counter culture ,of course) in music that I wish I had witnessed first hand, along with the social movements of the time. 

On the material side (OH bad pun) this is what I try to wear when I'm hanging around at my house relaxing, but to be honest nothing beats a good pair of dare I say... SWEATPANTS! Yes, I truly love them dearly for their functionality and comfort, but grudgingly agree that most are hideous, sloppy, and even tacky if you consider the Juicy Couture track suit epidemic of the early millennium (seriously, middle aged women should not walk around with the suggestive word "Juicy" stamped across their asses, scratch that no one should). BUT we can all thank the genius Alexander Wang for somehow making the dreaded lounge-wear chic and sophisticated for the first time EVER! 

Robe/Kimono and necklace: Vintage
Over-the-knee socks: Target
Tunic: Urban Outfitters

November 23, 2010

Post-Apocalyptic Baubles

(Photos from Los-List, Materna Duss, and Pianeta Donna
I have completely fallen in love with jewelry designer, Amelie Riech's collection, Uncommon Matters. She hand-molds each gold, platinum, and white piece out of fine porcelain specifically found in the German region Thuringia, historically famous for its royal porcelain crafts. Riech's pieces are much more than just jewelry though, rather they are wearable art in the form of functional sculptures. Her art makes me think of a sort of post-apocalyptic princess in a mingled world where shapes are somehow both futuristic and ancient.

November 19, 2010

"Engine Driver"

The sole purpose behind heading out to a random spot on the railroad tracks to shoot some pictures is these here combat boots. The whole utilitarian/industrial feel of my clunky, functional footwear suits the cold desolation of a pair of meandering steel tracks methinks (even if that desolation is right smack in the middle of Austin HA!). I wore this to dinner with co-workers, then out to a wee, tiny playhouse in east Austin to see a rendition of "Steel Magnolias". Yes, it was originally written and performed as a play only two years before the likes of Sally Fields, Julia Roberts, and my beloved Dolly Parton starred in the film adaptation released in 1989. The ladies at the City Theater did a beautiful job and certainly made some patrons shed a few woeful tears.

As for the rest of my ensemble, I pretty much always gravitate towards a neutral color palette (the gloomier the better) and I tend to add a tinge of red, my favorite. Red lips are definitely new to me, but oh-so much fun! I should have bought some ruby lip rouge years ago, but have never been a huge make-up person. MAC wins my vote for best lipstick because it lasts forever and this particular shade (MAC Red) somehow looks amazing on every skin tone.

And my poor tights! I'm convinced that every sheer pair I own until my demise will don an annoying, singular run, as you can see in the pic above. I suppose I don't really care THAT much given their inevitable, destruction-prone nature. Like ripped jeans, slashed tights are just as acceptable these days. Hooray for not living in the prim and proper, restrictive 50s!

Aviator Jacket, Socks: Target
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Sola (local boutique)
Boots: Steve Madden
Necklace, Oversize Shirt: Forever 21
Lipstick: MAC Red

November 18, 2010

Good Surprises

Stockholm Street Style

I absolutely love each and everyone of these looks of model Josefine N. Most of her outfits include an unexpected combination that completely adds to their overall interest and creativity:

-studded chucks with an on-trend, sophisticated camel coat

-rugged combat boots paired with polished gold seperates
-classic fur combined with the futuristic, transparent heels by Cheap Monday
-(last pic) a seemingly casual outfit turned sexy with a sheer maxi skirt

I've always believed that what sets a good outfit apart from a fabulous outfit is that element of surprise, and Josefine looks FABULOUS!

November 17, 2010

Vicky's Winged Vamps

The over-the-top, annual Victoria's Secret fashion show was recently taped on November 10th. Style photographer extraordinaire , Tommy Ton, was behind the scenes at the decadent event and able to take these amazing shots of the lingerie-clad glamazons along with their heavenly winged sculptures. My favorite set of fanciful flight appendages has to be the bubble wings and the woven straw wings. Not really digging the Ed Hardy inspired look in the last picture though-that's because I find his clothing too busy and tacky.

Watching this runway show always makes me excited for Christmas. Yes, I do find it strange that an extravagant runway show consisting of impossibly beautiful women strutting around in embellished undergarments reminds of the birth of Jesus. This is probably because the show always airs between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I've always thought of these holidays as plentiful and lavish, what with a good portion of us stuffing our faces with amazing food until it hurts, spending loads of money on the ones we love, and sometimes receiving copious amounts of gifts. Not that I'm complaining HA! 

The show airs on November 30th this year and I'm sure it will give me a dose of workout motivation-as it ALWAYS does!

November 16, 2010

"The Cinema We Built Was to Play the Greats"

Beware: This man will make you swoon!

One of the most talented and riveting individuals I've come across on the inter-webs has to be the brilliant Derrick Brown. His shows consist of cleverly merging music, poetry, and comedy into one highly entertaining and charming act that would even impress those most opposed to the thought of poetry. The video above of "The Kurosawa Champagne" is perhaps my favorite of his works because of how deliberate his tangled words are in conveying an exhibition of emotions through powerfully sincere, imaginative metaphors. Plus, it's a love poem that isn't cheesy and boringly typical, just beautiful! 

My favorite lines:

 ‘Dear, in the morning let me put on your make-up for you.
I’ll be loading your gems with mascara
then I’ll tell you the truth…’

I watched black ropes and tears ramble down your face.

Lady war paint.

A squad of tiny men repelled down those snaking lines
And you say,
"Thank you for releasing all those fuckers from my life"


Your boots are a soundtrack to adultery.
Thank God your feet fall in the rhythm of loyalty.


With quite the cult following, Brown travels all around the country, as well as Europe, dazzling audiences with his unique act and has also toured with an impressive loot of musicians like Cold Ward Kids and The Decemberists. Hailed as one of America's top 5 poets, the man is of course published and started his own press called Write Bloody Publishing. I highly recommend watching ALL of his videos-he even has a ridiculous video of when he was on some low-budget dating show.

November 15, 2010


This look was inspired by none other than Stevie Nicks-hell the whole reason I bought this caftan was because the overall shape and flutter reminds me of the lovely, whimsical minstrel and her ability to always dress with such light-as-air caprice. However, the acid cool-aid colors and giant psychedelic paisley print definitely scream 60s as opposed to the more subdued 70s Stevie. I can't help but notice that caftans have come back in a big way. Just take a gander at some of my favorite vintage haunts, like Spanish Moss or Feathers (where mine is from), and you'll find an array of these loungers. HA when I first bought this particular piece and proudly showed its brilliance to my boyfriend he reluctantly told me that it looked like something you are only supposed to wear around the house or over a bathing suit. He was right, but that made me love it even more because vintage is all about reinventing under-appreciated treasures and showcasing them in a whole new light.

I'm ALWAYS initially drawn to bohemian-esque garments and jewelry, but make it a point to toughen-up the etherealness of said style with harder elements (preferably anything with a rocker vibe). So to mix things up I decided to pair the caftan with these semi-shiny, python-textured leggings and studded heels. On the whole it's all very comfy and I'm pretty sure you can see me from a mile away with this loud, punchy tunic. 

Caftan: Vintage
Leggings: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Target

November 12, 2010


Every Friday I'll be posting a small playlist of songs that float and flutter in and around my existence. These are the tunes that keep me going through my days as they inspire, console, and interpret my outlook on matters of sorts-think of it as a continuous soundtrack of my life, if you will. This particular set is definitely geared towards the cold weather to come and change in general.

This track from the marveled, electronica veterans' latest album, Heliogland, has gotten my attention because of its gothic nuances.

In particularly, the consistent, marching band drums give me that sense of forging through some daunting life crisis while keeping your wits about you, and the oh-so melodic vocals are the perfect soothing overlay.

Gal group Warpaint sure are turning heads with their dose of unadulterated psychedelics. To display their level of notoriety and talent-the artists opened for alt-indie rockers, Sonic Youth, in Austin as part of an after show for ACL 2010.  Actress, Shannyn Sossamon, and former Warpaint drummer recently directed the band's latest, stunning music video for "Undertow".   

Ryan Gosling (yes, the actor), his pal Zach Shields, and the Silverlake Conservatory children's choir make up Dead Man's Bones. Their one album is completely conceptual as it focuses on the supernatural. Seriously, who doesn't want to hear wee kiddos sing "My Body's A Zombie For You"?

White Dress is one of my favorite local acts. The sultry vocals and garage sensibilities will warm you to your very core-just in time for the dropping temperatures. If you're in Austin they will be playing tomorrow, November 14th, at The Hole In The Wall. You can check out more of their music here.

Air Waves just performed at FunFunFun Fest and she has also recently relocated to Austin (SCORE!). "Lightning" always brings a smile to my face and the tinkering bells make me daydream about the upcoming holidays-bells always do that to me.

I keep finding myself listening to The Kills time and time again. I love the dark, brooding rocker attitude their sound exudes along with their intuitive lyrics. The pair have awe-inspiring chemistry on stage, not to mention Alison Mosshart's rock chic style is perfection.
White Dress


November 11, 2010

Blue Suede Shoe Porn

I cannot stand Jessica Simpson's so-called music, but the girl certainly can design a pair of shoes. Upon first seeing these babies I fell in love immediately-the platform, those curves, that incredible COLOR! So, I splurged and brought these electric-hued stilts home. They are so deserving of black leather...lots and lots of black leather. I can safely say that the little Elvis inside of me is now satisfied.

November 10, 2010


Cyber punk has been taken to a whole new level by boy/girl duo HEARTSREVOLUTION. The visionary pair meld piercing thrash vocals with cosmically metallic electro-pop beats, undeniably creating a sound that could have very well beamed in from the future. Currently, the artists are busy in the studio recording their new album, "Ride or Die", which is to be released this year. I know you are probably reminded of Crystal Castles at first listen; I was too. BUT after thoroughly tuning into HEARTSREVOLUTION I found that their innovative sound is far more dramatic in an intensely contagious, in-your-face manner. There is nothing subdued about these vocals.

That's not all though-even their choice of tour transportation is electic. For their 2011 tour the duo has teamed up with Austrian crystal powerhouse, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, to create the first ever crystallized ice cream truck to tote the artists across the country in. And yes, this bejeweled beast will most certainly be serving up icy treats at their shows. 

If you visit their website you'll also find the opportunity to join their HEARTSCHALLENGER army, where open-minds and creative thinkers are encouraged to ban together to achieve a "revolution of the heart". I love how these guys are connecting with their fans-very inspiring!

All of these tracks make me want to "Dance Till Dawn":


November 09, 2010

"A Fool For Your Stockings"

As soon as I found out that thigh-high stockings were back in fashion, the 11 year old girl inside of me jumped for joy! I remember watching the cult classic, Clueless, as a wide-eyed child of the 90s and could not wait to go to high school so I could wear the aforementioned leg-wear along with plaid mini skirt "suits" while clutching absurd, feather tip pens. But of course that trend was loooong gone as I entered my much anticipated teenage years in the early millennium.  

Obviously, the phrase "what goes around comes around" definitely applies to fashion, as well. I'm extremely appreciative of this repetitive aspect of clothing design because I'll ridiculously get to wear my favorite trends from decades past (even the not so far off 90s) and see them reinvented time and time again. I just hope trucker hats don't come back...EVER!

Now back to thigh-highs: What to pair them with has proven to be a bit of a daunting task. One wrong move and the outfit could look a bit Catholic schoolgirl/kinder whore-ish or even streetwalker-esque. Therefore, I find it imperative to keep the top half of my body covered up a bit to avoid looking down right slutty. But hey, if you see the world as your boudoir and that everyone in it is a potential, seducible suitor, then by all means rock those stockings like a giddy lil' playboy bunny...someone will appreciate you for it.

November 05, 2010

FunFunFun in Texas

The ever-growing FunFunFun Festival kicks off today in Austin, TX and will be blaring through the entire weekend at Waterloo Park. The four year-old music extravaganza has been nationally acclaimed for its DIY, underground aesthetics and will showcase four different core stages separated by genre: Punk/hardcore, indie rock, hiphop/DJ, and even comedy scenes. Sadly I have to miss out on this non-stop musical experience, but have created a playlist of featured FunFunFun artists to keep me going through my mournful weekend.
  Fun electro-pop beats laced with smooth French vocals 
Part emo, part post-rock, these guys have been intricately developing their diverse sound for 10 years
Dreamy melodies that rest somewhere between dance and pop
Mysterious boy/girl duo from New York who dole out that 60s pop sound, while twisting sugary-sweet vocals and sinister lyrics together
Former hardcore musician tries his hand at experimental-synth (with hooks!) and succeeds admirably
Israeli garage/punk trio who pull off crazy stage antics including lighting their equipment and themselves on fire
Guitarist (even steel guitar!) and composer who repeatedly defies genres with her intriguing sound-I'm really sad to miss her.
This group really needs no description as they have been picking up national hype for their innovation-you can hear a string of their influences from The Breeders to Roxy Music
For nostalgic reasons and an uninhibited, rowdy good time...

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