November 19, 2010

"Engine Driver"

The sole purpose behind heading out to a random spot on the railroad tracks to shoot some pictures is these here combat boots. The whole utilitarian/industrial feel of my clunky, functional footwear suits the cold desolation of a pair of meandering steel tracks methinks (even if that desolation is right smack in the middle of Austin HA!). I wore this to dinner with co-workers, then out to a wee, tiny playhouse in east Austin to see a rendition of "Steel Magnolias". Yes, it was originally written and performed as a play only two years before the likes of Sally Fields, Julia Roberts, and my beloved Dolly Parton starred in the film adaptation released in 1989. The ladies at the City Theater did a beautiful job and certainly made some patrons shed a few woeful tears.

As for the rest of my ensemble, I pretty much always gravitate towards a neutral color palette (the gloomier the better) and I tend to add a tinge of red, my favorite. Red lips are definitely new to me, but oh-so much fun! I should have bought some ruby lip rouge years ago, but have never been a huge make-up person. MAC wins my vote for best lipstick because it lasts forever and this particular shade (MAC Red) somehow looks amazing on every skin tone.

And my poor tights! I'm convinced that every sheer pair I own until my demise will don an annoying, singular run, as you can see in the pic above. I suppose I don't really care THAT much given their inevitable, destruction-prone nature. Like ripped jeans, slashed tights are just as acceptable these days. Hooray for not living in the prim and proper, restrictive 50s!

Aviator Jacket, Socks: Target
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Sola (local boutique)
Boots: Steve Madden
Necklace, Oversize Shirt: Forever 21
Lipstick: MAC Red

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