November 05, 2010

FunFunFun in Texas

The ever-growing FunFunFun Festival kicks off today in Austin, TX and will be blaring through the entire weekend at Waterloo Park. The four year-old music extravaganza has been nationally acclaimed for its DIY, underground aesthetics and will showcase four different core stages separated by genre: Punk/hardcore, indie rock, hiphop/DJ, and even comedy scenes. Sadly I have to miss out on this non-stop musical experience, but have created a playlist of featured FunFunFun artists to keep me going through my mournful weekend.
  Fun electro-pop beats laced with smooth French vocals 
Part emo, part post-rock, these guys have been intricately developing their diverse sound for 10 years
Dreamy melodies that rest somewhere between dance and pop
Mysterious boy/girl duo from New York who dole out that 60s pop sound, while twisting sugary-sweet vocals and sinister lyrics together
Former hardcore musician tries his hand at experimental-synth (with hooks!) and succeeds admirably
Israeli garage/punk trio who pull off crazy stage antics including lighting their equipment and themselves on fire
Guitarist (even steel guitar!) and composer who repeatedly defies genres with her intriguing sound-I'm really sad to miss her.
This group really needs no description as they have been picking up national hype for their innovation-you can hear a string of their influences from The Breeders to Roxy Music
For nostalgic reasons and an uninhibited, rowdy good time...

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