November 17, 2010

Vicky's Winged Vamps

The over-the-top, annual Victoria's Secret fashion show was recently taped on November 10th. Style photographer extraordinaire , Tommy Ton, was behind the scenes at the decadent event and able to take these amazing shots of the lingerie-clad glamazons along with their heavenly winged sculptures. My favorite set of fanciful flight appendages has to be the bubble wings and the woven straw wings. Not really digging the Ed Hardy inspired look in the last picture though-that's because I find his clothing too busy and tacky.

Watching this runway show always makes me excited for Christmas. Yes, I do find it strange that an extravagant runway show consisting of impossibly beautiful women strutting around in embellished undergarments reminds of the birth of Jesus. This is probably because the show always airs between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I've always thought of these holidays as plentiful and lavish, what with a good portion of us stuffing our faces with amazing food until it hurts, spending loads of money on the ones we love, and sometimes receiving copious amounts of gifts. Not that I'm complaining HA! 

The show airs on November 30th this year and I'm sure it will give me a dose of workout motivation-as it ALWAYS does!

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