November 15, 2010


This look was inspired by none other than Stevie Nicks-hell the whole reason I bought this caftan was because the overall shape and flutter reminds me of the lovely, whimsical minstrel and her ability to always dress with such light-as-air caprice. However, the acid cool-aid colors and giant psychedelic paisley print definitely scream 60s as opposed to the more subdued 70s Stevie. I can't help but notice that caftans have come back in a big way. Just take a gander at some of my favorite vintage haunts, like Spanish Moss or Feathers (where mine is from), and you'll find an array of these loungers. HA when I first bought this particular piece and proudly showed its brilliance to my boyfriend he reluctantly told me that it looked like something you are only supposed to wear around the house or over a bathing suit. He was right, but that made me love it even more because vintage is all about reinventing under-appreciated treasures and showcasing them in a whole new light.

I'm ALWAYS initially drawn to bohemian-esque garments and jewelry, but make it a point to toughen-up the etherealness of said style with harder elements (preferably anything with a rocker vibe). So to mix things up I decided to pair the caftan with these semi-shiny, python-textured leggings and studded heels. On the whole it's all very comfy and I'm pretty sure you can see me from a mile away with this loud, punchy tunic. 

Caftan: Vintage
Leggings: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Target

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