November 10, 2010


Cyber punk has been taken to a whole new level by boy/girl duo HEARTSREVOLUTION. The visionary pair meld piercing thrash vocals with cosmically metallic electro-pop beats, undeniably creating a sound that could have very well beamed in from the future. Currently, the artists are busy in the studio recording their new album, "Ride or Die", which is to be released this year. I know you are probably reminded of Crystal Castles at first listen; I was too. BUT after thoroughly tuning into HEARTSREVOLUTION I found that their innovative sound is far more dramatic in an intensely contagious, in-your-face manner. There is nothing subdued about these vocals.

That's not all though-even their choice of tour transportation is electic. For their 2011 tour the duo has teamed up with Austrian crystal powerhouse, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, to create the first ever crystallized ice cream truck to tote the artists across the country in. And yes, this bejeweled beast will most certainly be serving up icy treats at their shows. 

If you visit their website you'll also find the opportunity to join their HEARTSCHALLENGER army, where open-minds and creative thinkers are encouraged to ban together to achieve a "revolution of the heart". I love how these guys are connecting with their fans-very inspiring!

All of these tracks make me want to "Dance Till Dawn":


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