November 09, 2010

"A Fool For Your Stockings"

As soon as I found out that thigh-high stockings were back in fashion, the 11 year old girl inside of me jumped for joy! I remember watching the cult classic, Clueless, as a wide-eyed child of the 90s and could not wait to go to high school so I could wear the aforementioned leg-wear along with plaid mini skirt "suits" while clutching absurd, feather tip pens. But of course that trend was loooong gone as I entered my much anticipated teenage years in the early millennium.  

Obviously, the phrase "what goes around comes around" definitely applies to fashion, as well. I'm extremely appreciative of this repetitive aspect of clothing design because I'll ridiculously get to wear my favorite trends from decades past (even the not so far off 90s) and see them reinvented time and time again. I just hope trucker hats don't come back...EVER!

Now back to thigh-highs: What to pair them with has proven to be a bit of a daunting task. One wrong move and the outfit could look a bit Catholic schoolgirl/kinder whore-ish or even streetwalker-esque. Therefore, I find it imperative to keep the top half of my body covered up a bit to avoid looking down right slutty. But hey, if you see the world as your boudoir and that everyone in it is a potential, seducible suitor, then by all means rock those stockings like a giddy lil' playboy bunny...someone will appreciate you for it.

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