November 12, 2010


Every Friday I'll be posting a small playlist of songs that float and flutter in and around my existence. These are the tunes that keep me going through my days as they inspire, console, and interpret my outlook on matters of sorts-think of it as a continuous soundtrack of my life, if you will. This particular set is definitely geared towards the cold weather to come and change in general.

This track from the marveled, electronica veterans' latest album, Heliogland, has gotten my attention because of its gothic nuances.

In particularly, the consistent, marching band drums give me that sense of forging through some daunting life crisis while keeping your wits about you, and the oh-so melodic vocals are the perfect soothing overlay.

Gal group Warpaint sure are turning heads with their dose of unadulterated psychedelics. To display their level of notoriety and talent-the artists opened for alt-indie rockers, Sonic Youth, in Austin as part of an after show for ACL 2010.  Actress, Shannyn Sossamon, and former Warpaint drummer recently directed the band's latest, stunning music video for "Undertow".   

Ryan Gosling (yes, the actor), his pal Zach Shields, and the Silverlake Conservatory children's choir make up Dead Man's Bones. Their one album is completely conceptual as it focuses on the supernatural. Seriously, who doesn't want to hear wee kiddos sing "My Body's A Zombie For You"?

White Dress is one of my favorite local acts. The sultry vocals and garage sensibilities will warm you to your very core-just in time for the dropping temperatures. If you're in Austin they will be playing tomorrow, November 14th, at The Hole In The Wall. You can check out more of their music here.

Air Waves just performed at FunFunFun Fest and she has also recently relocated to Austin (SCORE!). "Lightning" always brings a smile to my face and the tinkering bells make me daydream about the upcoming holidays-bells always do that to me.

I keep finding myself listening to The Kills time and time again. I love the dark, brooding rocker attitude their sound exudes along with their intuitive lyrics. The pair have awe-inspiring chemistry on stage, not to mention Alison Mosshart's rock chic style is perfection.
White Dress


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