December 02, 2010

Puting On The Dramatics...

Winter is undoubtedly my favorite season given all the holidays, family get-togethers, food, and twinkling lights. I also absolutely love all of the layering that goes along with winter, and it FINALLY got cold here in Austin...well, this week is cold, who knows about next week since Texas winters are notoriously bipolar. I'm 90 percent sure layering pleases me so because I get to wear all of my favorite things at once in an attempt to look like a chic bag lady, a la Mary-Kate Olsen. 

For me, tis' the season to look dramatic (not act dramatic, BIG difference). Give me killer boots, leopard print everything, fur (faux of course), black leather, sequins day and night, winter white from head to toe, heavy make-up, and a whole lotta knit and I'm in fashion heaven. So, here's a bit of winter-y inspiration to remind us just how glamorous and fun this season can be:

Photos from Look Closer, Knight Cat, Fashion Indie, and Life In Travel
Now off to decorate my house for Christmas! 

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