December 03, 2010

No More Work Please

Wow, this week has been hectic. I have had little to no time to post anything as I have been preparing my house for Christmas, attending concerts, and pretty much covering for three people at work this week-I'm gunna quit I can feel it! Not sure exactly when, but hopefully in the next month or two. Thankfully, I have my ever-present music, especially these nine tracks, to keep me going through all the craziness and lulls that life brings.   

The perfect song for daydreaming about traveling anywhere and everywhere...not just New York. I tend to nod off to fantasy land on a daily basis and often find myself in Spain-this will be a reality one day! Besides that, "I have nothing to do today but smile" is a beautiful sentiment.

This song slowly drives me crazy-going round and round and getting absolutely nowhere. BUT it's probably one of the funnest tracks to casually slip into temporary insanity to. Planningtorock hails from Berlin and not only writes her own music, but also creates her own maniacal music videos.

Pixies are KING! Kim Deal's brooding bass lines have this ability to zero in on your dark side and draw out a sort of deliberate, menacing confidence you didn't know existed. "Gouge Away" especially has that effect.

To me, Metric's music is the epitome of girl rock-in your face, brazen, and completely unapologetic all rolled up into tracks you can shamelessly dance to in front of your mirror. This track is from their 2003 album, Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?

I recently discovered Baths this week and cannot stop listening to this strangely beautiful track along with it's eerily imaginative video-the perfect visual compliment.

Neutral Milk Hotel were, indeed, ahead of their time when they released In The Aeroplane Over The Sea in 1998, undoubtedly influencing musicians like Fleet Foxes and Beirut. Jeff Mangum's painful lyrics are nothing less that true poetry. Most of the songs on this album are loosely about Anne Frank and the hardships of defining and concealing her sexuality while also hiding from the Nazis. It's evident to me that he wishes he could go back and save her from everything.  

About one month ago my friend gave me a copy of their album and I've pretty much been listening to its entirety non-stop. Miike Snow (I don't even know how your are supposed to pronounce Miike??) definitely makes me think of a modern day BeeGees, but of course far less cheesy. "Silvia" is my favorite track because of all the build-up it creates. 

The swinging 60s sound of this classic track is so infectious with its persistent one-note keyboard and wailing surf rock guitar. Certainly makes me want to dance like Edie Sedgewick all weekend long.   

This particular song is part of Tomorrow, In A Year, a musical collaboration between The Knife, Planningtorock, and Mt. Sims created for Danish performance group Hotel Pro Forma's opera, which is based on Charles Darwin's On the Origins of Species. Last Halloween I had the great, GREAT pleasure of hanging out with Matt Sims (Mt. Sims) and showing him all the wonderful things about Austin while he was in town for a show. To know him is to love him-I have never met anyone more genuine, kind, and imaginative than Matt and I absolutely love his work.
Photos from Help I'm Alive, Bart Everly, Last.Fm, Ultra 8201

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