December 14, 2010

Karaoking With Kenny Rogers and What-Not

I know I really need to post more, but the holidays and my health have finally caught up with me.  Saturday was spent doing some extreme Christmas shopping ALL day long with my boyfriend, through which I did find a new amazing vintage store (will post about the store and my new goodies later).  On Sunday I goofed around at an office party and then somehow ended up singing my lil' heart out at the Highball in the freaking Kenny Rogers themed karaoke room (of all the rooms), complete with an epic velvet painting of the bearded country dude.  In my karaoke experience, two songs that are top notch for obnoxiously crooning along to are, in fact, Heart's "Magic Man" and Linda Ronstadt's "Blue Bayou"-no matter what I will always sing these two gems.  And of course Sunday night I sang with a little too much amateur heart as I ended up exacerbating an already sore throat and worn out body, and to my dismay woke up with the full fledged sickness the next day.  To put it bluntly...I feel like shit, but on the upside I'm not at work!

This is what I wore while I was pretending to have the vocal range of Ann Wilson and this look is pretty much a uniform for me-white t-shirt, denim cut-offs, boots, loads of accessories. I found these beat-up boots at Buffalo Exchange about two summers ago for only $20. So what if they are two sizes too small for my Wiley Coyote feet? Let me reiterate-they were only $20, plus my abnormally large feet have stretched them out since their purchase-it only took a countless number of blisters! And this scarf...don't even get me started! I heroically won this Alexander McQueen beauty about 3 years ago for $40 after stalking it for months upon months online. Isn't ebay great? Nothing beats the feeling of winning something designer for a significantly lower price!

T-shirt and blazer: Forever 21
Shorts: Thrifted Levis, DIY
Scarf: Alexander McQueen
Boots: Buffalo Exchange
Belt: Express from a billion years ago

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