December 07, 2010

The Knife, Leopard Print, and Mexico

These shots were snapped before I met my friend for coffee and some impromptu vintage shopping on Sunday. I honestly wasn't planning on buying for myself as I'm in the process of searching for the perfect gifts for others with the holidays just around the corner and all. While harmlessly browsing around Blue Velvet I looked to the back of the store and saw a girl trying on a faux fur leopard print coat complete with a hood (I'd been looking for the perfect one for about 2 years now). The queen deep down inside of me screeched for joy and anxiously waited for that girl to TAKE OFF MY NEW COAT! She did and rightfully put it back on its hanger, so I, of course, ungracefully made a dash for it. I ran to the mirror to try it on and gawk at my lustrous find, then something truly serendipitous happened. The very moment I pulled the fur over my shoulders The Knife's "Pass This On" blared over the speakers-in other words, it was meant to be! 

The rest of my Sunday night was spent preparing for a small party/large gathering at mi casa for my friend's Mexican-themed birthday party to take place that same night. We went on a hilarious trip to Fiesta to find all of the necessary accoutrements-a piƱata, loads of Mexican candy, Jarritos soda for mixers, Dos Equis, and chips and queso of course! For the event I ditched the pictured knit sweater as I had to wear my new purchase-not very Mexican I'll admit, but I just told people I was in the Mexican mafia. I will definitely be taking pictures of the ridiculousness that is my new fuzzy coat/robe real soon.


Dress and tights: Urban Outfitters
Over-the-knee socks: Target
Sweater and hat: Forever 21
Boots: Some random store in my hometown
Amber necklace: Gifted from my mom from Mexico

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