December 15, 2010

Preposterous I Tell You!

This post is a quickie as I still feel like a heaping pile of garbage :( therefore, I have no choice but to share my most shameful discovery yet:

When I first saw this I didn't know if I wanted to laugh hysterically or punch the monitor, but none-the-less I bring you a whole new sub-genre, POP METAL....and the fall of music as we know it.  If that's not bad enough these so-called musicians and/or producers decided to hide horrendous vocals behind some strategic, asinine auto-tuning, just in case you weren't pissed off already!

PS: If you get really bored make sure to take a gander at the comments on the actual YouTube page for this video-some even go as far as to call this train wreck art...... 

PPS: And I need one of those sleeveless hoodie things stat!

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