December 21, 2010

"Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect"

I would love nothing more than to convert an extra bedroom (in my theoretical house) into a fully furnished showroom-like dream closet. Not only would this room house clothing and accessories for reality, but it would also include an extensive costume collection complete with ridiculous wigs, hats, and masks to darn myself and friends with for every event imaginable. 

Hey, a girl can dream right? Sigh...

But until then here are a few dressing rooms that inspire and cradle this utterly over-indulgent desire:

Mariah Carey's Closet
 If you really wanted to drive me crazy all you'd have to do is lock me in a dark, empty room and blare the hyena-screeching cataclysm that is Mariah Carey's music over and over again. While her songs give me a tick, her closet, on the other hand, is a retail wonderland fantasy of mine. The space looks like a beautifully edited boutique and it also spans a whopping 1,200 sqft-that's bigger than my whole house! 

Paris Hilton's Closet
 We all know the more scandal-prone Hilton sister, Paris, is a huge fan of all things sparkly, so it's no surprise that her closet reflects this dazzling infatuation. The mirrored surfaces, crystal chandelier, bouquet of roses, and pink flooring are all greatly suitable for the likes of a princess. Although, I know if I had that mirrored dresser I'd constantly fret over keeping the thing fingerprint-less! 

Nanette Lepore's Closet
Of all the closets I've been drooling over nothing quite compares to designer, Nanette Lepore's dressing haven. The room bears an exquisite balance between old world charm and lighthearted modernity by mixing classic pieces, like the painting, chandelier, and antique furniture designs with unexpected colors and patterns...perfection. Just think of all the inspiration this room could offer for selecting your every outfit! 

(photo sources: Jeune Marie, Elle Decor, Oh So Chic Boutique, Luscious)

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