January 25, 2011

New Digz

Meet my new purchases!
My new gypsy earrings from All Saints finally arrived, which also means my parachute dress is here, too! These babies are pretty heavy, jingle when I walk, and may be just a tad bit annoying, but I don't care!

I found these motorcycle boots at Buffalo Exchange on a busy, busy Saturday afternoon. They were just sitting there on the shelf all lonely as several girls overlooked them. I couldn't believe no one had grabbed them yet because I was certain they were Frye Harness boots. Actually they are Durangos, but that's our little secret. I literally screeched with joy as I snatched them up-I have been wanting a pair very similar to these as evidenced here

And lastly I picked up some old, worn-in T-shirts at Buffalo Exchange as well. Black vintage tees are ridiculously abundant in my wardrobe, and the more faded, thin, and hole-y the better. Basically, I get a kick out of pairing grubby tees with unexpected pieces like girly skirts and accessories to give new life to otherwise forgotten scraps of 80s fabric. And the best part about these two shirts is their backs...

Aaand, that one on your right does have Einstein's face on it along with a list of astronomical terms...yesss!


Leather and Lace said...

i LOVE those earrings!! and rock tees with the skirts so cute..but love those earrings!


Kristal Elise said...

loving those earrings and tee's! what great purchases.


TheStrawberryFields said...

Thanks for following ive always wanted a parachute dress from All saints but wasnt too convinced about how they would sit,any good?
Great earrings they'll be annoying at first but the look good.
Buffalo exchange has some goodies,love the boots!

Stella* said...

@TheStrawberryFields: I actually haven't tried the dress on yet...bad, I know, but I've been busy and it'll take an instruction manual to figure the thing out. I'll let you know though!

Thank you everyone for your comments!

salwar kameez said...

Love your shoes as well as the designer t-shirts... all are pretty good..