January 13, 2011

Parachutes Without Flight

While browsing the All Saints sale online the other day I came across this masterpiece of a dress. It's fittingly called the parachute dress as it was inspired by an old World War II parachute. Seventy-five man hours went into creating this draped beauty and it consists of a heaping 10 meters (that's 33 feet America!) of fabric. The aesthetics of this piece bring these bold trinkets to my mind, mixing both futuristic and ancient motifs.

My boyfriend happened to be browsing the sale along with me and graciously bought this minimalistic, yet extravagant frock for me! Now, I don't really have anywhere to wear this to since it's a GOWN and all, but photographing it will be fun-I'm thinking somewhere vast and desolate. 

Thank you soooo much my love!


Becky-May said...

oh wow, that's so stunning. it looks like it would be so nice to wear!

The Flower Girl



Lu said...

wow, was an amazing piece!


wolves and sparklers

Annushka said...

Your blog is very interesting))) Love, love, love!

Beckerman Girls said...

The All Saints store in NYC is incredible...just went into it a few weeks ago and it was FABBBB! Love this parachute dress...it's really UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


Stella* said...

I don't think my bank account could handle The All Saints store!!! I would probably want everything, but next time I take a trip to NYC I will definitely have to check it out!

Thank you all for commenting!