January 13, 2011

"Let's Start The New Year Right"-Bing Crosby

Prior to 2011, I had never seriously made New Year Resolutions. This is probably because I knew I would break them when considering my sparkling lack of self discipline. Paradox? Self-fulfilling prophecy? Ha...I'm afraid so.

Anyways, this year I have made an extensive list of annual declarations that I'm determined to follow through with. I'll spare you the tedious details and just say that they include a new business venture and posting on my little house in cyberspace regularly. Strangely, I feel overwhelmingly optimistic all without the teeny-tiniest bit of surliness (fingers crossed).

Hello 2011!  

Faux Fur Coat: Express
Dress: American Apparel
Necklace and beanie: Forever21
Boots: random store in my home town

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Annushka said...

Super style dear, i like it!!!)))