October 27, 2010

The Cat's Meow

Lately, I cannot seem to get enough of L.A. based band Kitten. While the band name alone may invoke images that only tween minds are capable of, don't let that sugary-sweet innocence fool you. Instead you will find a whole lot of attitude coupled with vulnerability from this very young band.

 What I find most intriguing about Kitten is that their sound does not play prisoner to prescribed genres. They will move from an eerily dreamy, slightly dissonant lullaby like "Allison Day" into a new wave infused dance fest like "Chinatown".  And if you are looking for a raw edge, then look no further than "Kitten with a Whip". This guitar-driven track oozes Karen O. sensibilities in all of its cheeky assertiveness. Oh, and did I mention that the lovely lead singer, Chloe, isn't even old enough to drive yet? Who feels under-accomplished now?

Photos from Kitten's Myspace page
Kitten has recently released an EP, "Sunday School", and it is graciously available to download for free here until November 1st. The band has no concrete play dates for Austin, TX, but I'm confident that will change soon.

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