October 21, 2010

Denver Dame


While visiting my sister in the sunshine state last summer, I was graciously introduced to the art of a Denver native named Laura Goldhamer. This 23 year old cleverly reworks classic folk elements with her jumpy, quivering vocals that are as intense as they are uniquely beautiful. Accompanying Goldhamer's vocals is her finely picked banjo playing, which manages to mimic and hang on to her every jarring and spirited lyric. Not only are her performances a feast for the ears, but for the eyes as well because Goldhamer brings the music to life with insanely innovative and expository stop-motion animations created by the artist herself. In short, this composer of sorts has described her work as "edgy children's stories" (denversyntax.com) and has admitted to heavily incorporating the witty art of the double-entendre into her figurative lyrics (newsflags.blogspot.com).

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