October 20, 2010

We Like What We Like

Ever since I was a little girl music has always been a fascination (rather an obsession) of mine. I would stay up very late gawking at the images and tuned into the sounds beaming from early 90's MTV (unbeknownst to my parents) and was completely enthralled by what I heard. I guess I was inspired before I even knew what inspired meant. Music was so ineffable and powerful to me and to this day it still is. This art form captivates me because it has the masterful ability to excite and ease emotions, conjure memories, and is a catalyst for forward thinking, which all of course is extremely personal and inherently fluctuates from listener to listener.

For my sincere love of music I have my big sis' to thank. She definitely was a huge influence on my musical preferences because she introduced me to a diverse world of genres. From The Mamas & the Papas to Radiohead, she was listening to everything, and I was right there behind her marveling and admiring all those melodious discoveries-as well as her for enlightening me.  Without my sister's guidance I would probably have grown up in some sad, little country & western bubble, completely oblivious of diverse sounds.

However, my passions do not end there.  I am completely head-over-heels (bad pun intended) for fashion and personal style.  Piecing an outfit together is just so damn fun for me, and the options and inspirations out there are virtually endless. I love the paradoxically deceiving and descriptive effects that style can have on our perceptions, and its power to transform the way we feel about ourselves.  Plus, I always enjoy the HUNT for that rare, inexpensive, vintage find. 

For me, music and fashion have always gone together, hand in hand, as they both simultaneously conjure vivid images that seamlessly compliment each other. When I hear Jimi Hendrix I can't help but briefly think of outrageous fringe jackets, vivid blue bell-bottoms, and heaps of boho jewelry. Or, consider the Sex Pistols with all the leather, chains, and DIY aesthetics.  These styles are certainly signs of period movements, socially and therefore musically, and I cannot seem to get enough of all the connections and metaphors between image and sound!  After all, I am a visual creature.

(All photography by the beautiful Melody Murphy)
Thus, I give you Candy Store Rock: A place where I will share anything and everything that peaks my interests in both music and style, as well as a little about my life intertwined with the two. And I hope you'll share, too! Listen, relax, and enjoy.

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